$10/day for childcare? What’s the Canada-Wide plan?

Recently, the Canadian government announced their plan for the Canada-Wide Early Learning & Child Care system (CWELCC). The program aims to provide more accessible and affordable childcare options for families. By September 2025, parents will only have to pay $10/day for children under six at all eligible licensed childcare institutions.

We are so excited to be officially enrolled in the CWELCC program at iKids Montessori Academy and be able to offer the decreased tuition rates to all of our current and future families. Let’s learn more!

What does the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care system (CWELCC) do?

The goal of the CWELCC is to give families access to more affordable and high-quality childcare options by:

  1. Lowering childcare fees for parents of children under the age of 6
  2. Increasing childcare spaces
  3. Supporting the childcare workforce
  4. Supporting more inclusive childcare

Action Plan for Reducing Fees:

  1. By April 2022, reduce childcare fees by 25%
  2. By the end of December 2022, a 50% reduction
  3. By September 2025, an average of $10/day/child at participating institutions.

For Parents and Families

What does this mean for parents and families?

Parents or guardians of children under the age of six do not have to apply to receive a childcare fee reduction. Our reduced rates will already be applied to our current fee schedule and will continue to lower following the action plan for upcoming years.

Childcare Subsidy

Yes! We still accept individuals who are eligible for regional childcare subsidy programs. These will continue to be available for families to apply for financial support to help you pay for licensed childcare.

The fee subsidy will continue to be determined through the income test that is administered by your local service system managers. The amount you will pay depends on your family’s income and will be reduced by 25% for eligible children. To get more information or apply for the childcare subsidy, please contact your local service system manager.

Childcare Tax Credit

The Ontario Childcare Tax Credit program will continue to be in effect for eligible families.

We at iKids Montessori Academy have already opted in to the CWELCC system and our fees are reflected accordingly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to chat more with you about the CWELCC agreement or any of the programs we offer.

Registrations will be filling fast with these lowered rates, make sure to book your tour of our centre today. There’s no better time than now to join our lovely community!