Stages of Development and How Children Learn

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Maria Montessori observed that all children, regardless of culture or locale, experience the same stages of development at approximately the same age. It is easy to see that children across the world tend to learn and do similar things, such as learning to walk and to talk, or losing baby teeth, etc., at approximately the same age. Unlike these obvious signs, developmental milestones that take place in the minds of children are harder to see but no less real or important. Maria Montessori divided these developmental stages into three main stages.

Stage 1 (Birth to Age Six): The Construction of Individuality and the Absorbent Mind

From birth to around six years of age, children have an “Absorbent Mind.” This means that they learn effortlessly, soaking in huge amounts of information as easily as a sponge soaks up water. Montessori explains that during this stage, children are constructing their individuality.

Stage 2 (Six to Twelve Years Old): Acquisition of Culture and The Cosmic Plan

At about six or seven years old, children make a huge transition from the Absorbent Mind Stage into the Reasoning Mind Stage. Children in this stage become group-oriented and like to work collaboratively. The question “why” replaces the “what” of earlier stages as they become interested in moral questions. Children at this age begin to use their imaginations more. Maria Montessori called this The Cosmic Plan.

Stages of Development and How Children Learn

Stage 3 (Twelve to Eighteen Years Old): The Development of Personality and Earth Children

As children enter adolescence, they develop what Montessori called “Social Consciousness.” This presents itself in the form of a new sense of self-awareness and a concern with his or her societal role in life. This is a time for children to spend time discovering themselves and exploring their creative or artistic side.

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